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Some colour from Bangkok.

London Photography Series

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for me, 50 hours on a plane over 3 countries and with new clients.  So it’s been a while since I updated the blog.


So here is some video from the London photography series with Train to Create.. Kindly sponsored and supported by Profoto, WacomSchön and Metro Imaging

Thanks to everyone who attended.







Screen Shot 2557-04-27 at 12.48.42 PM

Portrait of A

A reminder that I will be in London from the 3rd week of October.  Looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces and some new ones. I will also be in Cambodia early this month working with Fédération Equestre Internationale. FEI

Train To Create

3 day event

I am  pleased to announce that I will be leading a 3 day photography event in London later this year for for Train to Create. A London based group that put together workshops and seminars for creatives.

After a talk at London College of fashion its onto the workshop, held in a stunning Early 18th Century Georgian Merchant House. the weekend will be a great opportunity to build your book and hang out with me for a few days..:)


For full details..  Tom Hoops Event.


See you there.

Portraits tattoo festival bangkok

Tattoo festival Thailand

A couple of guys from the Wat Bang Pra tattoo festival in Thailand.

Have not been to this festival for a few years now, it’s a shame as it’s a wonderful event and I really recommend a visit if you happen to be in Thailand. It’s just an hour from Bangkok.

Skin Deep Magazine published a 6 page feature on the festival and it was some of my earliest published work.

Bangkok portrait

Portrait of Henrik

Whilst sorting through my catalogue, I came across this portrait we shot in Bangkok almost 3 years ago now. Seems a shame to leave it on the hard drive, so here we are.

Bangkok portraits

Bangkok Portrait

A dig back through some old images.  and another street portrait from Thailand.

Tom Hoops

Apart From Shadow: A Conversation With Me

Last week I sat down for a lengthy chat with Jeffery Saddoris from Faded and Blurred, Have a listen on the site or via the podcast.

Queens New York

Portrait from Queens

Portrait  Queens New York.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 1.17.43 PM


You can find me on instagram too.


Looking for faces

I’m looking for people to photograph for a new project/book. Particularly interested in hearing from women 40 and up, but happy to hear from anyone with a bit of character.
Please send an email and include your rough location and a snap shot.


Keep those emails coming please.

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film portraits

Kodak Tri x. 6×6

Coffee advert


Advertising photography for Segafredo Espresso.


German Vogue

Published in German Vogue last month…which is very nice.



Rare foray into Leica land.

Results are not too shabby I think.


London extras

Since I don’t use any photography networking sites anymore, this blog and possibly the facebook page are the only places I put up pics that really don’t belong anywhere.. Here is one more from London last year.


East of Hanoi

Vietnam. a beautiful country.




I lead a private photography trip into Burma last year. It really is a beautiful country and wonderful for photographers.

Banned by Instagram

Not on Instagram

The good people at Instagram were not fond of the nipple in the photo and promptly deleted it and sent me a nice little warning.. So here it is.



End of the year has been very busy.. only now having a little time to plan things for next year.. Will be in Europe mid April, then perhaps NYC. Japan later in year and will lead a photo trip into Bhutan also.




Mamiya 6

From the first roll or 2.  Very impressed with this camera. I’m no gear head but this is nice.. and compared to the rz67, much easier to lug around locations.


More from this shoot here…

Shoot with Gui



From the virtual cutting room floor of lightroom.



Good to see my prints on the wall..

Sounds from the studio

Fred Wesley.. A regular this one.




NYC Long Island City



Ashleigh in London



to join me next week at the vegetarian festival



Hit by shrapnel while filming in Libya, we are all hoping for a speedy recovery.. thoughts are with Olly and Kate.


old stuff

I wanted the blog to be more visual


Phuket Vegetarian festival.

A unique photography opportunity


Closed doors

Brand new site and blog.