Sounds from the studio

Fred Wesley.. A regular this one.




NYC Long Island City



Ashleigh in London



to join me next week at the vegetarian festival



Hit by shrapnel while filming in Libya, we are all hoping for a speedy recovery.. thoughts are with Olly and Kate.


old stuff

I wanted the blog to be more visual


Phuket Vegetarian festival.

A unique photography opportunity


Closed doors

Brand new site and blog.


new design

New site and blog.


Project Bob Gets Started

Project Bob, an introduction to Bob.



New book from House of Portfolios NYC.


Project Bob

I am looking for one person to mentor for 6 months.


photography and life

Why do you shoot landscapes and I shoot people?



Happy New year


November Workshop

I will be in the UK in November for an editorial. so I thought I’d take the opportunity to offer another workshop for those that missed the June workshops.
If you would like to join me please send me an email. places are limited to 6 persons only.


portraits in print

So here is a quicky from Digital Camera World.
I was a finalist in the digital photography of the year for 2009, looks like the magazine pulled this image to promote this years entry.


London to Asia

a whirlwind month in the States and London

New York

New York

Bit late posting this as I’m now in London but we had a great time over there. Met some wonderful people and shot some strong powerful work during the workshop. it was also a great chance to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and meet those I felt like I had known for years but in reality had only spoken to via the internet.



I’m now in NYC after an amazing trip to California, met some wonderful people, shot some great people and helped some superb people. I won some cash in Vegas and experienced by fist all American baseball game what an experience!

Bangkok Kid

Bangkok, New York, London, Algeria

It’s been a while. So here is an update on whats been happening and whats in the pipeline.

fashion portrait internatinal

Travel Plans.

Here’s my itinerary for the next few months.


Why plagiarise?

…in the end you’ll never achieve what you probably set out to do when you picked up your first camera.

ko Kret

New prints.

Have added several more prints to the print site

fashion shoot Chinatown

New Blog

You will, I’m sure notice a major difference between this post and those on my previous blog. You can now do all sort of exciting things like subscribe to RSS feeds etc. it’s a proper functioning blog. So comment away, add me and do your best. A huge thanks to noostyle design for helping me get this off the ground.

Brazillian swimwear


2010 Workshops

eyes on Bangkok


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